Aveyo Protect®
Safeguard your Aveyo home solar system with worry-free, hassle-freemaintenance, monitoring, repairs, and replacements.

Home Solar Protection for Your Aveyo home andBattery Storage Services
Your Aveyo home solar and/or battery comes with a complete 10-year Aveyo Protect® system coverage plan! This plan safeguards your Aveyo home solar investment with worry-free, hassle-free maintenance, monitoring, repairs, and replacements for items covered under the manufacturer’s warranty to help ensure your system performs at its maximum potential.

Aveyo Protect® Platinum
Monitor + Repair + Replace + Guarantee

While Aveyo does offer production estimates, Energy Guarantee is not available in Florida,Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan and Hawaii. Battery storage not available in all markets.

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