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In Control.
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Going solar is a process with many moving parts. We put you at its helm while our top-tier staff takes care of everything else.

a seamless solar installation process

Know exactly what to expect when you go solar with us.

Is Solar Right for You?

Going solar should make your life better. So, we ensure your savings, offset, and payment are top-tier before we ever get started.

Laying the Foundation

We customize your design and proposal to give you the perfect system. Expect a site survey and CAD drawings of your system.

Approvals and Permits

Once you've approved your system, it's sent to the city for their approvals. Sometimes, this can take 2-3 weeks.

The Install

Now that everything's approved, it's time for your system to be installed. It typically takes our crew 1-2 days to complete this step in the process.

Quality Control

Your system must pass inspection before it can be activated. We, along with a city inspector and net metering specialist, ensure your system meets our high standards, first.

We Have Power!

That means activation! Now, your system is generating clean power, saving you money, and offsetting your daily power use. Congratulations, you've gone solar!

Find out if solar is right for you

Solar isn't always right for everyone, but we can tell you over the phone if it's right for you.

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